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Rug Care Accelerator Course

The world of professional rug cleaning has never been easier to understand. Kick-start your rug care career with our online immersion-learning course!

Rug Wash Pros is a full-service rug care supply dealer located in Omaha Nebraska. We provide rug care professionals a knowledgeable, affordable choice when it comes to selecting the best new or used equipment, chemicals, supplies, and industry-specific certification training for their own rug care centers.

With over 30 years experience in the rug cleaning industry, we invite you to consider us your one-stop-shop for all things rug care related!

  • Automated Washing Equipment & Tools
  • Rug Shampoos & Green Cleaning
  • Fringe Cleaning Solutions
  • Specialty Rug Treatments
  • Pet Odor Control Solutions
  • Rug Education & Training Opportunities
  • Brushes, Groomers & Handles
  • Marketing Materials
  • Private Training Available
  • Equipment Installation Assistance