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Welcome to RCI Rug Cleaning Innovations products page, your hub for the latest in rug cleaning excellence. We’re here to equip rug cleaning professionals with top-notch tools, chemicals, and innovative cleaning techniques.

Our goal is to enhance your service quality, ensuring you tackle any cleaning challenge with confidence.

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Regular price $59.95

Available in:

1 Gallon | 4 Gallon Case | 5 Gallons (2 X 2.5 Gallon Jugs)

Now – 2 X the cleaning power and 4 X the DEO power (4-8 oz per gallon)

Deodorizing Rug Shampoo is a professional-grade solution, engineered for rug cleaning companies seeking to elevate their service. This advanced formula targets and neutralizes stubborn odors, including pet urine, ensuring that rugs not only look clean but also smell fresh. It’s crafted with a powerful blend of four odor-fighting ingredients, designed to effectively cleanse a wide array of rug materials, from synthetic fibers to delicate silk, wool, and rayon viscose.

What distinguishes Deodorizing Rug Shampoo is its non-buffered, aggressive pH level that tackles heavily soiled and contaminated rugs head-on, followed by a pH adjustment during the drying phase to preserve fabric integrity. This ensures effective cleaning without compromising material quality.

Moreover, Deodorizing Rug Shampoo incorporates a premium fabric softener, guaranteeing that treated rugs don’t just come out clean and odor-free but also with a luxurious, baby-soft feel. This addition enhances the customer satisfaction by delivering both superior cleanliness and unmatched softness in one solution.

Designed exclusively for professional use, Deodorizing Rug Shampoo offers rug cleaning businesses a competitive edge, promising a comprehensive clean that revives rugs and leaves them pleasantly soft to the touch. Choose Deodorizing Rug Shampoo to transform your rug cleaning capabilities and delight your clients with exceptional results.



Regular price $69.95

Available in:

1 Gallon | 1 Case (4 Gallons)| 5 Gallons (2 X 2.5 Gallon Jugs)

Transform your wool rugs and specialty textiles with Wool Revive Rug Shampoo, the ultimate solution for pristine cleanliness and luxurious softness. Crafted with care, this 8.5 pH shampoo offers a premium blend of detergents, degreasers, and natural citrus solvents, ensuring a gentle yet effective clean for even the most delicate wool area rugs. And then finished with a soft fabric softener. Say goodbye to stubborn grime as the rich foam effortlessly emulsifies dirt without the fear of over-wetting or lengthy drying times, preserving the integrity of your cherished textiles.

Experience the unparalleled potency of Wool Revive Rug Shampoo, now double-strength at 4 oz per gallon, setting it apart from other leading brands. Its concentrated formula ensures maximum effectiveness across all rug and soil conditions, providing a thorough clean with every use. Delight your senses with the refreshing citrus fragrance that accompanies each wash, leaving your space smelling as fresh as it looks. Plus, with a ready-to-use pH of 8.5, achieving impeccable results has never been easier.

Indulge your wool rugs with the care they deserve and elevate your cleaning routine with Wool Revive Rug Shampoo. With its innovative formula and double-strength concentration, it guarantees unparalleled performance, leaving your rugs with a silky finish that exudes elegance and refinement. Revel in the transformative power of this exceptional product, and rediscover the beauty of your textiles anew.

Exotic Fiber


Regular price $144.98

Available in:

1 Gallon | 1 Case (4 Gallons)

Yes! A fabric protector for Delicate & Exotic Fibers!

RCI Fabric Protector Exotic Fiber represents a cutting-edge advancement tailored for enterprises committed to providing premier fabric care solutions. Leveraging innovative nano technology, Exotic Fiber distinguishes itself with an eco-conscious formulation, notably devoid of PFAS, PFOS, and PFOA, thus meeting contemporary environmental standards. It features a rapid-drying carrier that complies with California’s strict regulations, facilitating a quick and effective application that reduces idle time and boosts operational efficiency.

This revolutionary blend is engineered to safeguard a wide array of fabric types, including those found in rugs, preserving their original texture and hue. It creates an invisible shield on fabric surfaces to ward off liquids, dirt, and stains, thereby prolonging fabric life and retaining their pristine condition. Exotic Fiber is 30% stronger for those hard to treat fibers.

Exclusively designed for professional deployment, RCI Fabric Protector Exotic Fiber is uniquely developed for sophisticated applications, granting cleaning and care enterprises a competitive advantage in offering high-caliber, lasting fabric protection. Its application guarantees that fabrics are not only protected against stains and dirt but also preserve their natural aesthetics and texture, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction through durable outcomes. With a increased concentration of PFAS-Free active agents, Exotic Fiber is particularly effective for those delicate and sensitive exotic fibers, ensuring enhanced protection.

RCI Fabric Protector Exotic Fiber is a state-of-the-art solution designed for companies dedicated to offering top-tier fabric care services. Utilizing groundbreaking nano technology, this fabric protector stands out for its eco-friendly composition, being free from PFAS, PFOS, and PFOA, aligning with modern environmental standards. The inclusion of a fast-drying carrying agent, compliant with California regulations, ensures a swift and efficient application process, minimizing downtime and enhancing service efficiency.

This innovative formula is tailored to protect a broad spectrum of fabric types, including those used in rugs, without altering their texture or color. By forming a microscopic barrier on the surface, it repels liquids, dirt, and prevents stains, extending the life and preserving the appearance of treated fabrics.

Designed exclusively for professional use, RCI Fabric Protector Exotic Fiber is specially crafted for professional applications, offering cleaning and care businesses an edge in delivering high-quality, durable fabric protection services. Its use ensures that fabrics not only resist staining and soiling but also maintain their original look and feel, significantly boosting client satisfaction with enduring results.



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